Air Porters (Private Hire) Ltd.

 We are pleased to announce the new, Our Driver Your Car Chauffeur Service !

Your car is your comfort zone. It is clean, comfortable, familiar,convenient, reliable, and most importantly, insured with your limits. When you want to use your car, then hire one of our chauffeurs !

Let our chauffeur drive you to your destination with the utmost professionalism and affordability.

Our desire is to build a lasting and genuine relationship with you by providing the very best chauffeurs. Our goal is to provide the ultimate convenience to you.

Our drivers drive under your insurance policy to guarantee you are fully protected. If your insurance provider needs any information on our drivers, we can email or mail them a copy upon your request.


£16.00 per hour for standard vehicles.

£20.00 per hour for executive vehicles.


Gratuities are at the complete discretion of the customer.


There is a 2 hour minimum per ride Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. 3 hour minimum per ride all other days and times. Hours are billed to the nearest half hour. Billing time commences from the scheduled pick up time and ends when the driver returns the vehicle to the designated location.


£5.00 premium per hour for all hours worked in excess of ten in one workday, for all hours worked in excess of 50 in one week. Overtime is billed to client when the same chauffeur works for the same client.


£5.00 premium per hour on New Year's Day.

£15.00 premium per hour on Christmas Day, and after 6PM on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve with 8 hours minimum requirement.


8 hour minimum per overnight stay. Client is responsible for the chauffeurs room and board.